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November 7, 2011
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Imperial fists. after the Battle by Slimdimanus Imperial fists. after the Battle by Slimdimanus
fan art
look at cghub - [link]
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Very gritty, great work!
"Whoo-wee! By the Emperor, that was a close one!"
"Yes it was." Immortal Assimilating Cat Girl Maids, "Come. Join us in peace, love, and happiness . . . it's what your emperor wants, it's just he's too sick to say so at the moment. If you let us to the home planet, we can heal him too. And everyone will be happy." 
"What the - ! PURGE THE UNCLEAN!!!"

[Battle resumes] 
Largo in the Megatokyo comic made a keen observation IMHO about the police meant to handle Tokyo's congo line of disasters (godzillas, zombies, magical-girls, etc).
That their only real solution to any problem was to shoot it. And Largo realized how this solution WASN'T as 'end all, beat all' as they'd like to think when they had to face a zombie godzilla under the care of a magical girl.
I suppose the proper solution varies depending on situation. 

But the "Shoot First, and then shoot some more just in case" policy is mandatory in the Warhammer 40000 setting, because given the sheer scale and amount of threats the Imperium had to face every day on thousands of worlds every day, it was really the ONLY thing Humanity could possibly do, just to last as long as they had, and even that is not working in the long run. 

When defeat means extinction/fate worse than death, all values falters and any means is permitted. 

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only WAR. 
Nightmare Eclipse, "WAS .  . . the gods realized only Nightmares like us could actually FIX this broken universe." 

"You can try, godling. Once the Anathema, or the God Emperor as you known him, had such HOPE and went to such BEAUTIFUL extremes, in his own way, to make the galaxy a utopia, not knowing that all his plans and schemes are doomed to fail. 

What he failed to realize, in the end, is that it is not the universe that's broken; it was the mortals themselves - Humans, Orks, Eldar, Necrons, Tau and others - whose flaws were made the galaxy such a dismal place. They are the architects of their own demise, and I know - for I and my brethen in the Warp are their flaws made manifested.

The galaxy will BURN, and plunge into a hell worse than anyone of them could begin to imagine. WE - or rather, THEY - shall make it so."
Nightmare Eclipse
"I don't make mistakes. Not anymore." 
*reverses flow of time* 

Nightmare Whisper
"And fixing broken mortals. From below the foundation up. We, erm, I apologize for things being such a game breaker. I really am sorry."

Nightmare Granfalloon
"Is what we do!" 

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